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Testimonial - Shanice Cheng


20111119 SI_BigDay149520111119 SI_BigDay1338


It was a "Love at First Sight" between Molly and Me!!


About one year before my wedding, I started to look for my gown, I was referred by friend to visit Molly Li at Central. I remember she caught a serious cold when I met her the first time. I can read from Molly's sick face, she works very hard on her bridal gowns career.


Surprisingly, she started with a casual talk. I appreciated her style of trying understand every guest's personality to look for something perfectly fit to her customers with heart. And of course, I did find my "Love at First Sight" gown too.


After a few visits for fitting, we become friends too, we share our happiness and unhappiness on wedding preparation, work and daily livings. She also solved my worries about the gowns arrangement for my special first and second march-in's. See my two different looks in the pictures, how perfect I was! So I think I need not make my comment on the design of Molly Li's masterpieces with any words.


Finally, I wanna take this opportunity to thank my beloved designer, Molly!


Shanice Cheng